Job Vacancy in Gurkha S.O.M.

Vacancy of Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.) in Gurkha School Of Motoring, UK


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For your information only


Our service Gurkha School of Motoring is expanding its branches in your area because of huge demand of Driving Lessons and Instructors from our GURKHA SCHOOL Of MOTORING as we have been getting huge success since we established. As I have many requests for Driving Lesson from Your area, I'm planning to employ a Driving Instructors in your area if possible.


WE ARE PROUD TO BE NEPALI (Gurkhali) WHY NOT WE HELP OUR SELF EACH OTHER By net working of Driving School or Instructors.

We want to help specially all Nepali speaking Driving Instructors or Students to bring in a close net work of Driving or Motoring maters in the UK where all Nepali speaking Instructors, can teach Driving and Nepali Students can learn Driving easily without any problem, then any where else that why we hang on with GORAj or Indians Driving School or Instructors.


Now, we have several Instructors across the UK and have spare cars to use in case of any car break down. In the near future, we are planning to set up central booking office and many more facility to our self and our own Nepali or Gurkha


We are always happy to help about any Driving or Motoring matters if humanly possible


Let me know ASAP if you wish to join GURKHA SCHOOL OF MOTORING


Who can apply and How to become a driving instructor

And if you can answer following questions


1. Are you 21 or over?




2. Have you had a full car-driving license for at least 3 years?




3. Are you already registered as a driving instructor in another European Community (EC) country?




4. Have you been disqualified from driving or have you got 6 or more penalty points on your driving license?




5. What type of car is your driving license for?




6. Have you ever been convicted of any non-motoring offences?




You can start applying to become an approved driving instructor (ADI).


Get a criminal record check for driving instructors



Apply to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to start the process


Take and pass the 3 qualifying tests


Apply for your first ADI badge


Criminal record check



You need to get a criminal record check from a company called TMG CRB - they provide criminal record check services for the DSA.




Apply to the DSA



When you have your criminal record disclosure, you can apply to become an ADI.


Then you will get PRN (personal ref No), which will be A.D.I. No after you pass all part of process. These are as


Theory of Driving Instructor. Part 1


Practical Driving Test of Driving Instructor, 99/100% perfect driving. Part 2


When you pass part 2 and have taken 40 hrs. Instructor Training, you can start teaching and earning money for 6 or 12 months in PINK License (In this duration, you can earn almost £20000


But now is real time for Teaching both part of them to S.E. A.D.I. In two phases, part 3


It's all possible by taking challenge of hard work, dedication, commitment and you will get really good reward of wages and respect in your living life.


Earning might earn about £450000.00 a year. Therefore why are you waiting?



You can also read DSA’s guide to the ADI register.


Any progress of process and problems please let me know ASAP

For any further help from me.


For more information Call @ 01252 683124 Office or Text @ 07861 390696 Mobile.

If we are unable to answer phone, We will call back as soon as possible.

Tharka Sen A.D.I. Ex67670


Chairman, Instructors Association UK

07861 390696 Mobile

01252 683124 Office

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