Tharka (Prem) Sen Ex67670


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First of all, I would like to introduce myself that I'm Ex British Army Communication Specialist and NRNA ICC (International Coordinating Council) Member UK, working in Task Force of S.K.I. (Skill, Knowledge and Innovation) Transfer to Homeland Nepal, in Traffic Education & Management of road safty of Nepal.

Before this NRNA ICC Member UK, I had been associated with the following post in the NRNA NCC UK, NRNA ICC and Organisations as below:.


NRNA UK Excutive Member

NRNA UK Treasurer

NRNA UK Vice President

NRNA ICCM UK International Co-ordinating Council Member UK,

Task force (SKI)

NRNA UK Advisor

Co-Ordinator Traffic Education & Management of road safety

Nepali Congress (NPCC UK)

Ex Sig Pl RGR Founder

6 GR/RGR Member

Chairman in Numbary 1987 intake founder

BGWS Member founder

Gen Sec,Thakuri Samaj UK Founder

Butwal samaj UK founder

Syangja Samaj UK, founder

Chairman,Nepali Driving Instructor Association UK, Founder

Advisor,Greater Rushmoor Nepali community Advisor