Left Reverse


Left corner reverse (gentle bend)



As you pass junction look into it. Check corner shape, parked vehicles

Choose stop point, MSM. Reverse gear immediately


360 Observation .Reverse until kerb goes from back window,

360 Observation. Check position in door mirror. Adjust if necessary

1./2 turn left. Reverse slowly round bend.

Keep bend just in corner of rear window or use door mirror.

Keep space from kerb constant .Too close steer away - too far steer toward.

Half way round pause - 360 check.

Deal with any vehicles approaching.

Watch centre of rear window when lined up with edge of new kerb, straighten wheels.

360 check continue for 3 car lengths, keeping parallel to the road


Left Reverse (Sharp corner)

MSM - As for curved left reverse except.

Reverse until new kerb points into corner of rear passenger window. 360 check Check position in door mirror –

back wheel should be level with end of first kerb

Full left lock, reverse slowly around the corner.

Half way round 360 check

Then continue as for wide corner.



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Left cReverse wide angle