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     The GURKHA (Nepali) SCHOOL OF MOTORING ( known as a bravest of brave in the war and Best of Best in the DrivingTraining,   गोर्खा स्कुल अफ मोटारिङ्ग (First Nepali, Gurkha Driving School in the UK, Trilingual)has numbers of fully qualified (Nepali speaking) Approved Driving Instructors (A.D.I. UK) in all subjects and we all use the No 1 driving training car, which is a Vauxhall Corsa with 5 doors and air condition all times. Our driving school was estabilised to provide maximum help to students who speaks English as a second or third language. We teach any categories and at any level. We have a very high pass rate in the least lessons possible. The Gurkha School of Mortoring provides Driving lessons or Driving Test usually between 7am-7pm, 7 days a week in a flat rate of fee or any time as you like beyond this time because we have several Instructor to help each other if neccessary. हामीले तपाईंको चाहना अनुसार अङ्रेजी, नेपाली र हिन्दिमा भाषामा सिकौन्छौ We do not have any hidden charge such as Test day charge or Premium charge for sunday or Bank Holiday so on. We consider your cancellation even in short notice without charge unlike other driving Schools.  We can pick-up and drop-off from home, college, University, work or where ever is possible as you like.   Additionally we can asses your driving skills in Category B, B+E, C1+E, D1, D1+E, C, C+E, D, D+E, ADR, CPC, PP and asses your driving skills as a company driver or a taxi driver before you go to new job. We can also advise when buying or selling a car, obtaining documents and selecting insurance etc. We don't just teach driving to pass the driving test but teach how to drive safely for your life. For more information Call @ 01252 683124  Office or Text @ 07861 390696 Mobile.  If we are unable to answer phone, We will call back as soon as possible.


Tharka Sen A.D.I. Ex67670

          B,BE,C1,C1E,D1,D1E,C,D,CE,DE,PP & ADR

Chairman, Instructors Association UK

07861 390696 Mobile

01252 683124 Office


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