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The UK is now almost international country where many foreign-born people are living because of its land of dream for many third country people.   As many people are migrating globally, Nepalese also started to do so.   The Nepalese were mostly migrating for job and go back to homeland after finish job since 200 years back.   Since 1815, East India Company employed The Gurkhas as security guard, during the British rule.   After 1947, British rule was ended in the India and half of the British Gurkha soldiers moved to Malaya under the British command.   In 1968, British Gurkhas soldiers moved further to Hong Kong peninsula and in 1997, British government handed over this tiny island to Jumbo China because of their agreement.    Since then Gurkha soldiers and their family start to travel United Kingdom as their main base.   By year 2000, we did understand that we have right to settle permanently in the UK if you have done 4 years or more years’ government service such as Armed Forces.   The few number of soldiers applied for the British citizenship (Passport), which were turn down by home office.   Eventually we started too appeal case which means case were alive until you get the British Passport.   This case eventually developed to lobbying high-ranking government officials and peace rally to Home Office, Liverpool.

Finally On September 30, 2004, the Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that any Gurkha Soldier who has served 4 or more years in the British Army, can settle permanently and work in the United Kingdom.    After the announcement of 30 September 2004 by the Prime Minister Tony Blair, many Gurkha soldiers started to settle down in the UK, which is their land of dream for life.    After settlement, many Gurkhas, found them self that life is hard without driving car for way of life because tradition here is no car-no job.   As my self one of the founder campaigner of Gurkha settlement right, thought that I would have to do some thing help for this new arrival Gurkhaswithout driving License.   Then, I tried for Approved Driving Instructor test process, just after announcement of settlement right.   After working few years with an English Driving School, I started our own Gurkha school of Motoring to provide maximum help to people who has English as 2nd or 3rd Languages.


    Now we are many Nepali origin Driving Instructors around many part of the UK, operating them self as a self employed basis and some of them might have been facing some sort of problems.   As we an Associations of Driving Instructors, we can share knowledge, idea and experiences in our own network if necessary.  Nepalese Driving Instructors associations U.K, is free from influence of any political, ethical, religions and colors.


We have introduced membership system to show their loyalty, commitment and ownership toward Association.   We welcome to any one to be a member of the association but there are type of membership.



Tharka Sen A.D.I. Ex67670

for B,BE,C1,C1E,D1,D1E,C,D,CE,DE,PP & ADR

Chairman (Founder)

Nepalese Driving Instructors Association U.K.

07861390696 Mobile

01252683124 Office

Gurkha School of Motoring

19 Lye copse avenue

Farnborough, GU14 8DU



First ever Nepali Driving Instructors Association, had meeting in the venue as below

on 20th september 12


Eastcote Tandoori

134 Field End Road





Following personnel were attended for the meeting

Madhav Karki

Mani Sunwar

Rabin Thapa

Mittra neupane

Prakash Rau

Tharka Sen (plus 7)

Ram chandra Gurung

Hom Rana

Sunil Tamang

Prasad Limbu

Rajani Marjan

Raju shrestha

Homraj Bista


The second meeting will be held on 9th of December 12

at Real Gurkha Restaurent, camberley surrey at 3 pm sharp. You are all welcome to attend the meeting.



Tharka Sen, A.D.I.

Chairman, NDIA UK

07861 390696 Mobile

01251 683124 Office



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