Thakuri Samaj UK

Thakuri Samaj UK

Thakuri Samaj of the United Kingdom is a charitable and non profit making organisation devoted to look after the history, welfare, social, and cultural affairs. In late 70s only businessmen, professionals people such as Thakuri doctors and engineers came to work in UK and Thakuri students for their higher educations.

Recently all of that have changed as result of changes in rules and policies of Home Office and Immigrations for the  Gurkhas. This has led to the growing number of Thakuris residing in the UK hence the Thakuris' Society is formed which enables us to keep intact our Thakuri tradition, the language, cultural values and social harmony. Thakuris are well known and respected in all parts of Nepal as our ancestors conquered Nepal in history and ruled until recent years (Gurkha ruler Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu and laid foundations for unified kingdom in 1768). Thakuri caste is one of over 100 castes in Nepal and it has sub castes which are Uchai, Khand or Khan, Chand, Jiu, Paal, Bam, Bangsi, Malla or Mall, Medasi, Rathour, Shah, Shahi or Sahi, Singh or Sing, Sen and Hamal as known to date. Some Thakuris are mega-rich while few are still in poverty and Thakuris cover 2 % of 28.8 million population (approximately 576,000) in Nepal. There are over 800 Thakuris living in United Kingdom and most of them are British Citizen.

Membership is open to all Thakuris (including Chelibetees who keep their parental Surname even if they are married to different castes) residing in the UK and honorary membership to those who wish to become friends of the Society regardless of colour, creed or ethnicity.

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