Rail Transportation

Rail Transportation

How to Prevent Traffic accident and deadly jam in the Nepal By A.D.I. Tharka Sen

   May be, many of you are aware that there have been 100s of Traffic Accident almost every Day and unnecessary Traffic Jams in every part of Nepal because there is no any system of modern Traffic Education and Management of it.   Example, any education system does have its level, such as primary, intermediate and advance.   Same way, Vehicle has its own category such as Car Van Bus Truck lorry CPC ADR PCV and its specific training and Test system from its specific approved instructors but Ministry of Nepal Transport don’t have any thing like this so far.   Therefore, if ministry of Nepal Transport, want to prevent more traffic accident In the near future, they must do more about it.       Its Nepal’s only Transport systems because there is no any affordable air or sea or railway transportation systems for Nepal.

  Basically its forgotten subject in the Nepal that there are not any suitable educational books or electronic materials or online information’s about driving and motoring matters whereas cost of any vehicle available in the world, is highest price in the Nepal.   The Nepali people can affords any foreign (vehicle) car in the Nepal, means they can take foreign level (UK European) driving lesson to drive foreign car.

Existing Nepali Driving Education and Management Systems are totally out of date for modern ages. If Nepal Government, does not replace its out dated systems in very near future, Nepal will have to face serious traffic Dead Lock in the Kathmandu and it Directly effects to improvement of Health, Education, Tourism, Business and Finance because its inter connected.   As best of my knowledge, Nepal has been trying to improve for many years but Nepal has no idea without help of specific approved body like NRNA or DFID of UK or so on.

If Nepal government doesn’t act now, means more Accident, loss of innocent life, Business, Tourism, Health, Education and Finance for every one who has connection with it. Basically No confidant and Trust in between these all group as above.  Without proper Training and Test of any subject or any level by any specific Approved body, are failing systems and Are Reasons for Accident including Traffic police, Transport Department, Nepali Driving Instructor Association and many more.  There are 100s of reasons for accident, not only Driver, rough Road, over load or so on which most of Nepali Associates are talking about reasons of Traffic Accident because non of this group or specific persons has got specific knowledge about modern Traffic Education system but main reasons is NO Specific Driving Education Training for employee of driving sector by specific Approved body like in the UK or Europe.

It hurts me as a Nepali (NRNA) Therefore I have submitted some of idea how to conduct Driving Training and Test that how it will be safe driving for life of every one in the country Nepal, Not just to get driving License and make accident and kill innocent people or lose of property or every thing, any time (Death Journey) JUST getting Driving License Is Not Important, Important is How much Knowledge Driver has got to get Driving License or what quality Training and Test you have passed to get it. An English Proverb is it shiny Empty box only or something valuable inside it (Driving License) not killing License.

Therefore I would like to kind request to all Nepali Media

To include specific person from its specific back ground from UK, Europe in program of Prevention of Traffic Accident in Nepal who can explain and Advise specific reasons of Traffic Accident and Jam,

We are always happy to help about any Driving and Motoring matter if humanly possible

Tharka Sen A.D.I.  Ex67670

Chairman, Instructors Association UK


    078613 90696 Mobile

01252 683124 Office

09808430061 Nepal




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