Frequently asked Q&A in UK Driving

FAQ, Common questions about driving and Motoring matters, will be answered as soon as possible.   so just ask that what you have in the mind

Example as below

Q1. Which is best car for driving Training and Test in the UK ??

A1. Vauxhal corsa, diesel 1.2 latest model auto stop

Q2. Which is best Driving and motoring School in the UK??

Gurkha School of Motoring is best driving Training and Test in the UK

What is best time of Driving Test??

what is deferent between Only big L and proper driving Training school

Who is best Instructor for driving Training and Test in the UK

Gurkha Instructor is best  because we can teach in English language or Hindi (Indian) language or Nepali language

How to decide who is best  driving Training and Test


   We are always happy to answer about any Driving and Motoring matter if humanly possible

Tharka Sen A.D.I. Ex67670


Chairman Driving Instructor Association UK

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01252 683124-Office

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